Friday, December 10, 2010

Some random thing!

Today, I'm going to write a bit about my life.

I'm retained in my training hospital, so there will be another 2 years to go. Everyday, work is busy, and i am coping with it. It's against time that i'm fighting with, war against time is on everyday. Nowadays, work is tough, achievement is only around 85-90%. I believe, it will improved as we go along to solve the causing factors :) Life will be better.

As we all know, my herniated disc problem is a never ending, never recovered condition. It is improving, compared to the time in Nov 2008 til June 2009. My back can sustained almost everything that i am doing. However, it does make a bit of complaint and gave me some stiffness and aching pant at my left calf and back. Other than that, it is fine. Working in OPD means i have to walk, stand and even to rush down to other department, whenever needed. All that i done, everything is fine, and my back is sustaining well :)

As an update to my property, i have not gained any property other than my car from my dad. LIfe is still very good and comfortable, no changes is needed. Still looking around and looking around means playing!

My traveling plan goes well. I've been to Kl most of the time for the first half of the year, then to Taiwan. That's all that i can do. Next year, I already planned one :)

Life will be better, as i always believe so. I am going to work hard, to be a better person and also, to make u happier :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The New Beginning

I believe that life is unpredictable, that's why it's interesting. I finally ended my PRP/ housemanship in my career and it's time to move forward.

In this 1 year, I've meet great people - we spend a lot of time together, going through the ups and downs. There are people whom irritates me, of course, but i shall thank that fella as he/she makes our lives interesting with more gossips and complaints. Most importantly, i shall thank those that have guided me well, make me into who i am. i'm sorry if i've let all of you down.

I shall thank you, for walking into my life, spending time with me and tolerating the childish me. Thanks for everything :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's just work afterall!


Working for 10 months seems fast. Nevertheless, i found a group of great friends, which make my working life colourful. PRP year is coming to an end - end of being a "kuli", end of midnight annoying calls, end of lots of things.

In 2 months time, i might not be here, and things are going to change. For whatever it is, changes are for the better =)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Getting used in the work force

Josantoes has abandoned this blog for a few months. Lately, I start to get used to working already. Although its tiring, but end of the month, the salary is very comforting =D

Work always sucks. Counseling in the ward sucks. Not the patient make me being very impatient, but its the environment that make me feel very depress. Think i need time to get used to the work environment - always bare in mind, it's the people that i need to help. Counseling is tiring, but at the end of the day, i always realised at least i educate and help people. It might be a little bit of help, but at least i do a little things to the people. Sounds great right? At the end of the month, at least i am capable of buying things i like and eating food i like.

Picture? Lazy to take la.. but i will try... eh, last few days i go see ortho specialist, Dr Aaron and a chinese experienced doctor. Hmm they tell me about my condition again, asking me to think bout surgery and advice me not to take celebrex on long term and say if i need to go for surgery just come in and make appointment then can go for surgery if i need it anytime. He even ask me to do all the back strengthening exercise and .... seriously, i do think the specialists are very caring.. I feel very happy that i am not a doctor as i do not have this type of care and patience and he gave me a prescription....

Deng!!! DR LAURA CHAN... hahahahahahahah

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Josantoes has a first car and is going to work on 1/9/09

Josantoes is excited, because:
1. I have my first car, and it's a graduation gift!
2. I am going to work means i will earn my own money and buy all the things i want, including all the clothes that i like with the same pattern but different color :D
3. I am going to be a pharmacist!

At the same time, josantoes is sad =( because:
1. Owning a car means petrol, maintenance and servicing have to be paid by myself
(Solution: I use my parent's credit card to buy petrol and pretend i am not free to bring the car for servicing?)
2. I have my own money, but i am afraid that after i earn, i would not spend like how i used to be
(Solution: Don't simply buy clothes)
3. Pharmacist is not an easy job - needs a lot of empathy which i doubt i have much, face a lot of critically ill patient, and life might just slip away anytime

However, josantoes is all prepared. Still, student life has come to an end, i hope my leg and back recover and be strong to face all the work load. I am pretty sure i can do it....

still not confirm where i wil be posted, but i hope it is kuching :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Eatery @ 4 Point Hotel (Sheraton), Kuching

That place - the eatery, has got promotion. Dinner buffet for RM34 only, actually i dunno what is the actual price, because drinks can be ordered, served soft drink and juice, as well as some coffee and beer XD but have to pay extra for those not included.

5S4 year 2002, i think there were at least 30 of us, but last night there were around 10 haha but it's ok la better than no gathering. Spending time with ex-classmates it's actually good, get to know ppl better, and spend time thinking back on my high school time...

Monday going to see doctor and get my medical check up done... Rumours confirmed posting coming in mid August, means i will have to report for duty in Sept... happy? i seriously dun thnk so ...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Josantoes is recovering from backache~!

I am back in kch and this month (JULY), i have to attend 2 wedding dinner - my dad's friend's as well as my cousin's. Getting married is a very tiring thing. This is always the feeling i've got whenever i saw those couple getting married - preparation as well as the big day itself. I know it's a happy event, but i don't feel that this is the process that i will be getting. Hahaha.. getting married is just too far and too wrong for me, i dunno why.. Not that i don't want a companion/partner, the process just keep me away...

Haha.. look at this picture - josantoes' waist is getting smaller, and i am thinner (look thinner okay~) Erm.. this tie, i bought but never have a chance to use as i have that terrible slipped disc/herniated interveterbra disc which i couldn't even attend IMU Ball that i have long waited for. In my 4 yrs, i should have gone to the ball with kshih when i was in earlier semester.. sigh.. but it's okay la it's over already.. I wore like this to the wedding dinner (my dad's friend's) and i think i am overdress...

Those people that attend wedding dinner in kch, i dunno la.. to me, it's like a once in a lifetime thing for the couple, so those who attend should have dress up better, not those loose/old t-shirt with faded old jeans or those big ah-pek shirt and big gold necklace as if you are going to the coffee shop to watch football... i dunno la, i think i am overdress last night, but of course there were people who wore formal (like me).. Actually i got nth to write about that's why i just put in some comments that i have... I think i enjoy the 1hr after-dinner-time with my parents in coffee bean more. 3 of us bought 3 coffee and 3 pieces of cakes and eat all of them after the wedding dinner, so what do you think bout the food?? Haha, the food not bad la (crown tower - Tian court), it's just that i dun really like them.

sigh, why is there nothing interesting for me to look forward to??

To THE GROUP: what are u ppl doing? Nx year we shall board the Virgo? hope it comes true =) I really miss the IMU hang out time in the library cafe...

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