Saturday, June 28, 2008


Josantoes is back to KL..! Kch airport congested last night, flight delayed for an hour and more.. reach KL around 1115pm, which i was supposed to reach at 1015pm. Rushing to take luggage and buy taxi ticket to avoid midnight surcharge, in the end, 3mins to 12am!

What i have been doing for the whole semester break? Well, sick for the whole holiday, almost a month. Sprained my back, discover a lump (my fren says its di-ploma, not sure how to spell la), got bronchitis and went to get nebulizer and on meds now.. well, practically i have been taking meds for the whole month...

There are funs too :

1. Spend more time at home with family as i might not be able to go back end of the year

2. Meeting up with old frens who are back from Moscow and those in Unimas

*buddy, we should take pics nx time!

3. Attending fren's wedding

4.Hosting The group from KL

5.Having fun with all the kuching things...

well, i guess this marks the end of my holiday, my semester 6, my 3rd year, and now i proceed to be a final year pharmacy student.. another steps closer to the next stage of my life.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beyond Lower Back Pain...

Discovery :
Gosh.. i discover my left lower back is bigger than my right lower back, not symmetry and i can feel a hard "thing" inside.... (14/6/2008)

When & Where :
I should start the story the day before i came back to kuching (26/5/2008). So, i twisted/sprained/whatever suitable term my back when i am having lunch in a chicken rice shop in kuchai lama ( i tell you I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THAT SHOP ANYMORE )

Progression :

Within 15mins, i got panadol muscle & joint from 7-11 across the road, salonpas and mineral water, immediately ate 2 panadol and stick salonpas on the localized pain area around lower left back, slightly above the butt. Having difficulty walking and sitting up right but still manage to walk without assistance.
Within an hour, got diclofenac sodium50mg from watson and taken after 3 hours.
The next day, got into a flight back to kuching. Personally feel that the condition is improving, so continue diclofenac sodium 50mg tds. Tried Reflexology and back pain ease, but not so comfortable walking. Limping, and unable to sleep properly.
After 4 days, went to see a doctor as the pain didn't go away. Left leg able to lift 90 degree and turning and twisting is okay, got muscle relaxant and diclofenac sodium, injection Voltaren (diclofenac) is given. Suspect slipped disc if pain not subside within 3-4 days.
Then until 14/6/2008, slowly improving and pain subsided after 2 days. Pheww~ rule out slipped disc. Reflexology again and able to walk 80% like normal but still limping. Driving, shopping and eating resume and normal daily activities except i am walking "weirdly" - looks like those "paika" in hokkien, post-stroke patient who unable to use one of their leg.

Reaction towards discovery :
14-17/6/2008 : Kshih helped to "rub" and massage the lump. It's not pain. I can feel a hard "thing" inside but it's not mobilize. I even "rub" the lump in the plane just now! HAHA...

18/6/2008 : Going for medical opinion (it's tomorrow)

Suspect :
1. Slipped disc - no pain anymore, so it is not so possible
2. Sprained and the area swallon - but there is a hard thing inside
3. Cancer growth - ermmm... I cant support this but cant rule this out, suspect because i just had cancer module. Uncontrolled cell growth (which cause a lump) is cancer -.-||| i know its not so serious but i just list it down.
4. I don't know

Diagnosis :
1. Physical examination : determine degree of injury
2. X-ray : it's not gonna reveal anything because lump is not bone and does not contain calcium, can't see in x-ray
3.CT scan : maybe
4. MRI : maybe

option 3 & 4 is not common & costly, but i have insurance/medical card! haha...

* kshih : i am going to see the doctor tomorrow.. Family doctor first, then Specialist in Hospital.. so don't worry about me, focus on your exam and i'll be fine. One day i will walk normally again, maybe i can run faster than you =D

..... to be continue

It's your big day!

I'm now in airport waiting for time to board, well, kena retime again or else i would reach kl by now. hmmm its a short trip to KL to attend a once in a life time occasion for.. and it would be happily ever after!

hehe.. u think she is the one??
of course no.. she is looking .. >.<
She's the one~ pretty eh!
She is walking towards a life full of happiness, joy and beloved for the rest of her life

4 of us..


All of us here in Sunway Resort & Spa.
See you all in Sem 7.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

PDA talk~!

Yes... i bought a PDA - O2 Atom Life. Then, i met several ppl, and they ask me the following questions :

Mr & Ms A : Eh, why u buy O2, ppl say it will lag or hang le...
jst : ppl say only ma, until now, i dun experience any lagging. U got use O2 before meh?
Mr & Ms A : hehe, no bo
jst : -.-lll

Mr & Ms B : Eh, why dun buy AP set, buy original so expensive la, stupid la pay extra
jst : (pls la ho)O2 dun have AP set la only got original, u got see AP set meh?
Mr & Ms B : err.. dunno le
jst : ... (then why u ask since you dunno)
fyi, i got this phone with dealer price from FMG.. DEALER price.. its rm200-600 cheaper than those price u see...

Mr & Ms C : Eh, why dun buy iphone? got cheaper iphone le
jst : I dun like apple stuff la
Mr & Ms C : but iphone better than O2, and cheaper, more "sat"/"yeng"... u got try or not?
jst : Got la, but i dun like iphone ba
(-.-lll u like apple stuff and think that is cool/yeng/sat, doesn't mean i like apple. If i like apple, i won't buy my acer laptop last time because my laptop cost more than a macbook that time.. and pls la ho i am not an apple freak.. AND I DUN LIKE APPLE!)
Mr & Mr C : u know, only a few hundred more u can get iphone bo...
jst : i just dun like apple stuff la even u give me also i dun wan..
(pls la ho live in your own apple world.. dun invite me in, i dun wan)

iphone is so good? how good? and do u know that iphone doesn't have a copy & paste function? and it takes 7s to on back if u off the backlight.... and u know, iphone only allow u to read microsoft word/excel/powerpoint doc and not editing? yeah la.. it's graphic is nicer, touch screen comparatively better, screen also bigger.. but i just dun like apple la

Mr & Ms D : eh you buy o2 for 1800 why dun wanna buy n96?
jst : i am buying PDA la.. not buying phone.. and for a phone function, i am satisfied with my N73, there is no need to change.
(fyi, it cost more than 2k.. and i dun wanna buy a phone for more than that.. if pay more than 2k for a phone, i rather buy a 12" laptop...)

sigh, as if i buy pda without surveying.. i already survey and compare for a very long time before i buy.. money is not a problem (my dad say) .. but i like O2 la... because it's O2, because it's black ( like my psp) and because i just like it! hhaahahhaa...

you might say where got ppl dun like iphone/n96, o2 is so lousy, why buy such a big phone/pda.. plz la ... it's my money, and i will buy things that i like, things that make me happy, suits my needs and the brand i like.

it's just like i am :

wearing nike shoe rather than adidas (although they are around the same price);
using windows rather than OS X (although many ppl like apple);
using maxis 012 rather than digi (although charges are more expensive);
staying in vista c rather than vista b (although rental is rm1500 and further from IMU);
buying BHP petrol rather than petronas (although both petrol stations are here);
go pavilion rather than sg wang (although they are both in town)

i just like what i like.. and i live my own life....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Face

From an old and ugly computer, we buy new monitor and speaker last time, and now we buy new casing and install the L.E.D fan

The Cold Cathode Light...


Yes, i have not been updating since i come back to kuching.. sigh, twisted and sprained my back wad~ unable to walk properly for the past 2 weeks.. then my left leg still like a bit stiff .. well, hopefully by the time i go back for the new semester, i can walk properly lo

well, got new thing now.. err.. should say another thing to accompany me through the final year in IMU. It's fast, so fast.. the first day i came to KL.. 15/6/2005 with my mum and aunty.. and check in that stupid hostel... now, i am a final year pharmacy student.. fast eh~

okay, its time to introduce the new thing - O2 Xda Atom Life

it's a box and contain~

A lot of things inside, got it at dealer price from FMG in Kuching, so its quite a good deal.
1 year warranty and price below 2K.

it's kinda good la. i like it, not too big, not too thick. I always wan a pda, and now i got one!

Happy happy happy holiday~

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