Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sleepless night!

Goodness, I am having sleepless night due to this coughing episodes. Keep coughing and coughing.. Hard coughing. It's a feeling like my lungs is shrinking everytime i cough. Alright, I sounded like i am not an undergraduate pharmacy student.. but i really have that feeling. =.=|||

My cough woke me up. Woke kshih up, even woke wei up when she slept over at my place. I feel like i am infected with Tuberculosis or what??!!! It's really damn irritating. Today, i left the very last pill of antihistamine.... This means maybe i will not be able to sleep as soundly as the previous few night.. hehe this antihistamine is drowsy type!

The expectorant finish as well after the last cough episodes in the afternoon. Same thing, got up during sleep and ask kshih to pour 5ml of it into my mouth to stop the coughing and continue my sleep. I have been doing this for several nights.

Yes, expectorant from Xepa, is a very good remedy if you can't sleep. 15ml will do. I am taking 5ml because i want to get rid of the cough and i am not coughing so badly. It only come when i am sleeping.. Geramnya!

Now, i finished the whole bottle. So, i am substituting it with diphenhydramine from Kotra, Axcel. It contain the same ingredient so i am gonna see if it is as good as Xepa!

ALright, do not misuse it. Tried pseudoephedrine with xepa expectorant (diphenhydramine) 15ml.. feels like floating in the air. =.=|||

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

YO! Sushi Bad Choice

Okay, there are several fast food sushi in KL now - the very old sushi King, sushi Zanmai, Sushi Groove and the last and new one in The Garden, Midvalley - Yo! Sushi. Today, after 80% recover - still having a bit light headed, coughing with sputum and running nose, i decided to buy a sushi meal for kshih who has been taking care of me.

Then i read about Yo! sushi in some magazine, as well as blog so i decided to try it out. I ordered several things - Kappa maki, california roll, 1 soft shell crab (on promotion 1 for RM4 only), some tempura prawn and hairy prawn. It costs me RM60.00. Goodness, i won't mind if the food is satisfying. At least not to the extend that i have this feeling of giving up even the last bite of the soft shell crab temaki. =.=||| Total disappointment. Alright, we should have choose sushi king or sushi zanmai, i even prefer to eat yao cha kuai with porridge as mention in my previous entry. TOTALLY SUCK WEI. Normally i will eat anything when i am hungry. today i am damn hungry and yet i feel it's really disgusting. That's why i never take picture!! Gosh.. bad choice.

then, decided to eat sth which will make me happy. I'm sick ma, now the food i have just eaten make me feel dull some more. SO, bought 6 big apple donut and i still think J.Co is nicer. But then, i would say i rather eat RM60.00 of big apple donut ( 6 for RM9.50, means with RM60 i can get 36donuts) is better than Yo!sushi.

Then, lastly ......

We had New Zealand Natural Ice cream. 3 scoops for RM15.90 only, which means with the RM60.00 I would have eaten 4 sundae. I rather eat the 4 sundae and cough until my lungs come out than eating that bl*dy sushi which make my stomach and brain suffer...!

YO! SUSHI??!!! No way man. YES, OUT of the list ! SUSHI.

Monday, April 21, 2008

P.S. I Love You

Watch this yet? I watch it half way when i am studying MSK. Yeah i know, study break is meant to be doing revision, but sometimes, i really need to get out of those study stuff...

It's out in Dec 2007. My friend told me the book is nice, really nice that kind. Yes, i don't read book. The only one i manage to finish is Angel and Demon by Dan Brown. That's different. It talks about those art in Rome, and i love them.

P.S. I Love You - yes, its a love story. But i think in this movie its more like a comedy, not so much into love. A husband who plan and leave notes for the wife to cope with his death, pretty new idea! Well, i would give it 3/5 stars.

Go watch if you hasn't got anything to do yet.

Fever and McDonald

Wah... The title sounds contradicting eh. But it's true - josantoes is having fever of 38.2 degree but having McD's porridge, nugget, coke and Mcflurry for lunch. (My mum is gonna kill me if she sees this)

In order to make the temperature get back to normal faster, i ask the doc to give me an injection. Thought will be some antibiotics on my hand, who knows, its "voltaren" and its on my BUTT!!!

Yes, voltaren s/c (i think its around 7cc). It's diclofenac la, so i dun think it has much role in decreasing temperature. Last time i sprain my back also give voltaren, now also give. So, it plays a major role in making my bodyache away.. hahahaha

Hmm.. declared 2 days holiday - sick ma.. so gotta study and progress faster.. say is always easier than done.. Cancer chemotherapy module is so so so long.. and so long winded!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Recycle plastic material

HDPE, high density polyethylene is a recyclable plastic material which is used to manufacture various type of consumer product. It is used for snack food packaging cereal box liner, non carbonated drink bottles as well as detergent bottles, milk jugs, garbage container and water pipes.

Since HDPE is used to manufacture various consumer product, it is good that we practice recycling. Recycle HPDE product then can be made into other consumer product. Recycling is environmental friendly in a way that there will be less waste/garbage. Visit HDPE Milk Bottles for more detail. Recyced HPDE can be made into other consumer product and being useful to consumer and the recylced HPDE product quality is equally good as the product being made from virgin HPDE.

Recycle will prevent environmental contamination and make our environment clean for the next generation.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sony PSP Slim & Lite

It's study break.. EOS form 28APril to 5May. GOodness, Charlyn and Wee finished theirs on 28April. I am so so so so so ... and most importantly, my PSP kena rampas by someone...

SOny PSP Slim & Lite, yeah slim and lite.. with the crystal case, it becomes fat. Bought it not long ago in lowyat plaza at a fair price i would say. Not revealing the price. My parents is reading my blog. hahahaha... =D Kshih take away my Sony PSP.. well, i don't dare to play, want to have more time for my studies - Musculoskeletal system, Toxicology, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Current Trend in Therapeutics and Cancer Chemotherapy. =.=|||

The final semester that has end of sememster exam.. next semester is research, then will have a final semester in hospital.

Love my time without exam, i think study break is worst than exam week. Gosh.

Oh ya, went to to chat on his blog's chatter box. Met several interesting ppl, hey pal, if you guys are reading, it's really great talking to you all.. =D Can you believe this? hehe.. it feels like mirc.. MIRC when i am 14.

Friday, April 18, 2008


This is from steph... Wrap up the whole sem 6. Nice music with nice picture..
Look at time 1min14seconds.. i was eating the curry chicken rice ... damn hungry la tat time.. Now, the cafeteria has - FRIED CHICKEN!!

Thanks steph for doing it. TOuched.

Compare : Bukit Jalil, KL to Cyberjaya/Putrajaya

The new Kl-putrajaya highway create a better driving moment for me.. better in a way that there will be no jam going to town, use less than 20 mins to go to cyberjaya to fetch kshih and erm.. not much car also so less HONK!~

Basically, got nothing better to do. So, try using 2 routes to cyberjaya/putraya from vista komanwel, Bukit Jalil. Actually there are 5 ways :

  1. KL-Seremban Highway, exit at Kajang toll, join the damansara-puchong highway and will eventually reach cyberjaya.
  2. KL-Putrajaya Highway, exit at Putrajaya Toll, then exit at cyberjaya 1km away from the toll plaza
  3. Bukit Jalil -> Technology Park -> Astro -> pass through Palace of Golden horse small roundabout -> Sg Besi highway toll -> Serdang -> join damansara-puchong highway and reach cyberjaya.
  4. Bukit Jalil -> same as 3. -> Roundabout, U turn -> South City Plaza -> Sri Kembangan -> Equine Park -> Cyberjaya eventually
  5. Bukit Jalil -> Technology Park -> Puchong-Damansara Highway -> Toll -> exit to Cyberjaya
Okay, i believe there are more than the ways i can think off. Kshih has to travel from Vista to Cyberjaya EVERYDAY (yeah it's tiring). Previously, she used route no. 1 because it's easier to recognize the way to and back from cyberjaya and it's not jam (compared to other route) during peak hours. But, toll - each day, RM1.80 (Sg Besi toll -> Kajang) and RM1.60 (UPM toll -> Sg Besi toll) so it's RM3.40. I would say it's the furthest - around 70++km to and from cyberjaya.

Route 3,4 and 5 not used because she cannot recognized the way there although i have tried several times to bring her and identify those significant, yes, SIGNIFICANT sign for her. Toll RM1.30 per trip which means RM2.60 for route 3, NO toll for route 4, and RM1.00 toll for route 5.

But with the new KL-Putrajaya highway, one trip to and back from cyberjaya cost RM5.00, but is less than50km.. see? in a long run, save petrol, save car maintenance.. no need to service before 3 months and TIME. Some more less car, less accident also..

Okay, it's time to sleep la. Ate Kangkung belacan now my leg damn itchy.. -.-|||
Hope it goes away when i woke up. No progress today, still toxico halfway.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Perodua Myvi

Myvi - One of perodua nicest car. Some people says Myvi = Malaysia's Vision, Malaysia's VI (6th) car. The process of buying this car takes too long. It is almost 3 months. Sending and signing of documentation, waiting and waiting for the processing from the bank, discussion and discussion with parents - from kshih's side and mine, deciding on the duration of loans payment and many more uncountable moments.

(okay, this is not the pic of my car, but it's similar, too lazy to go and find pics)

Finally, got it on Jan'07. It was raining that night when the salesman called and said the car is here. Kshih and I, with Lee went down and see the car. I can still remember that moment - Joy and relieve, feeling that it will sure bring a lot of traveling and freedom to me =D

We went to Malacca, the 2 weeks industrial attachment in Xepa, bring Kshih to cyberjaya everyday, sometimes will bring me to uni also.

After we've got the car, dinner became no issue - Sri petaling dim sum, Kajang Lak tong, Sunway Bak kut teh, PJ & Balakong duck rice, Souled out carbonara... Midvalley and Pavilion become a regular walking place ( see? i say walking, not shopping.. hehe).. Road trips are planned as well..

Words can't described how much conveniences it has bring to me =D and i have to say goodbye to PUBLIC TRANSPORT.

see? it's just so much happiness now!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New !

Went to pc fair and bought a laptop bag.. so feel like posting it now..hehe.. It's not branded one la.. because i won't used it very often...

So steph gave me a very good question : eh, you got use meh? erm.. got kua.. when i go back to kch i can take this.. hand carry.. no need to check in.. can put in my facial washing regimen, my psp, hp, wallet and stuff... Airasia got new rules.. check in luggage need to pay extra RM5.00 in the airport and can pre-book check in luggage online by paying RM3.00 for each bag. This is going to be implemented to those airticket booked after 21 April 2008.

"You pay for what you used, so that we can provide a better price" this is what they said la...
Well, nvm la.. its RM5.00 or RM3.00 per bag.. hmm..

today i went to Pertama complex. Took train, from sri petaling station to Bandaraya. Came down and walk to Sogo... pass through everything.. exit through apple store and cross the road.. Pertama reached.

Duh, for kch ppl.. this complex sell hp, new or 2nd hand sets and sports equipments at lower price and can bargain.

Bought a jersey :

hehe.. kinda nice la.. and this pic is taken.. look behind steph, there is a lot of shoes.. the price is good.. i mean lower than those in Midvalley... and the best thing is, we can bargain...

but sad thing is there is no fitting room, no mirror.. this is how we try lo.. put the jersey on and took pic and looked at ourselves =D

Raining.. heavily.. stupid taxi con us.. RM5 for a trip from sri petaling station to vista komanwel B, then C.. he purposely like driving so slow.. keep asking for IMU stuff.. fees la, good or not la.. duh, pls la ho.. ppl like him (he is not like us, he is darker skin color) can send the kids into local uni get sponsored and dun even hav to pay a cent!

Ppl like us with lighter skin color different lo.. we have to pay.. our parents have to work and pay for our education... Still dare to ask wo.. u all who are scholar? aduh.. ppl like u can easily get la ho.. ppl like us is different.. some more, i enjoy my life in IMU. although i got loan and i need to pay nx time, but i am more comfortable and more peaceful..

REally cannot imagine myself living in places like this : suddenly no water, living condition is cramped - 4 ppl in a room which is like the size of my vista living room/hall... monkeys might come and mess up the rooms, shared toilet where u might see sanitary pads and underwears everywhere.. even drying clothes outside also scared will kena stolen.. worst- keep saying got ORANG MINYAK which is still a rumour, got car also cannot park in the uni, must take bus some more.. then bus also not so safe... some still got unknown bus driver fetching the student away and trying to do sth to them.. hear so much and really feel grateful that i am here...

I can choose a house, choose my own housemates, have cars to move around... =D
Thank GOd for sending me here, and Thanks to my mum and dad for sponsoring my life...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Okay, shogun is not a new place la.. got negative feedback from ppl who have gone to try it.. but still, we went there to have lunch. Yeah, there is a kinda smell when i walk into the restaurant. Lunch is around rm43++ which make up RM49.00 per pax. It wasn't that bad la.. i enjoy eating a lot of the tempura..! I didnt take any picture on the olyter which really stings ! duh, smells like those fish in the market... and still it's like damn precious, only allow one oyster per pax. i didn't even eat it, because it is cooked with cheese and with those mix vege that we use to fried rice..

My mum and grandma sure will be saying "aiya, pls la.. dun eat so much fried stuff, you forgot your cholesterol is it!?"

hehe.. the type of sushi available, this is not all okay.. these are those type that i won't eat in sushi king... but in shogun, we will still eat la...

the white octopus is very very hard to chew, so have to swallow it like a whole piece of jelly -.-|||
Managed to take 2 pics only then the waiter came and ask me not to take picture.. duh.. as if there are gold eggs in their shop ! -.-|||

Okay, these are cheese cake from UHUHU/The Loaf in Pavilion.. wanted to post it up for a long time but never do it.. this is due to the laziness lo....
THe smiley is the original cheese cake.. on the left is lychee flavour, on top of lychee is longan flavour which really has a whole longan in it, besides the longan is mocha, then chocolate. On the right of the smiley is mango. I think the best is the original cheese cake ^.^

Today i went to midvalley. Feel like eating you cha kuai with soya bean and porridge. Okay i know la, its dinner, but that's more like a breakfast.. hehe..

There is a chinese song.. called soya bean and you cha kuai.. hehe.. it really taste good~

Porridge with dry scallop which i cant even see any visible dry scallop..
kshih says "aiya Rm2.50 only.. what you expect.. u think they give u big visible scallop meh!"
A closer look at the yao cha kuai.. the name of the stall is I LOVE YOO! haha.. its really crispy lo.. but it softens after awhile.. so this most probably contain no plastic straw or plastic bag la..

there is one very famous and nice you cha kuai in kch, their customer actually lodge a complain through the local newspaper saying that they saw the fella go add in the whole packet of oil including the plastic bag in the oil as well as putting straw in it to make the yao cha kuai stay crispy.. duh, its cancerous!

Lastly, i ate this... XXL crispy chicken fillet from SHIHLIN...

It is really crispy lo.. hehe.. Nicer than uncle bob.. at least their oil is yellowish.. i go and peep at the cooking oil before i buy.. smart eh!

okay, i shall wrap up my post with a cup of San Francisco Mocha.. RM14.70 for 2, Buy 1 free 1 ma.. all time promotion!

My parents used to say, " Our kopi is Rm0.80-RM1.00, but our children's Kopi is RM10.00-Rm20.00.. And their Kopi taste good, but i still like our 80cents Kopi~!"

My parents still go to the coffee shop for breakfast drinking KOPI-C, and KOPI-C-PENG! hahahaha... All time favourite.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I should have know it~

Damn it. Yesterday i saw a hyundai atos unable to start the engine. Then i was sort of wondering where she is going to find someone to replace her car battery. Then half way driving back, my car aircon sort of stop blowing for awhile. Damn it. i should have know the battery is fading...

it has been 1year and 4 months. still thinking that i might able to save some money for this month. but well, the car spend it for me. Poor kshih spend her savings too.

The low maintenance, sealed battery cost RM245, including delivery and installation. Sharon bought one for her VIOS also around that price. It's a dry battery.. meaning to say i don't have to take care of the battery water ALL THE TIME... Has warranty for 1 year too..

Kshih says, "now i know why you get all those name cards"
"duh, as if i can produce battery, of coz i have to get someone to standby in case of any emergency ma"

the battery guy delivery the battery in around 15-20mins. it's consider very good for Malaysian speed, when i go to the shop to get the receipt so that i could claim my warranty, the shop is so pack. Guess, every car needs a battery and 4 tires to run.. and this shop definitely earn a lot..

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Demon Barber!

I watch this on my PSP last night.. Amazed by the way Todd killed all those ppl... splashing bloods all over his shirt make me think of the splashing of blood from Grey's Anatomy Season 4. Well, when will the new season of Grey's be coming out?.. i keep waiting... Script writer strike ended but there is still no Grey's.

Though this is not the best but at least it is better than the china's 因为爱. Don't understand how the movie got so many award, but i personally think that the lyrics of the song really S*ck, =.="" Damn childish...
Sweeney Todd is nice. But there are better ones.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Somehow i miss my family in kuching...

My dad going to Singapore to work, maybe..
My mum is still in Kuching.. with my 2 brothers..
Although my bros are 17, but they are still young to me...

My grandma has just went for surgery to remove the gall bladder...
My aunty called telling me her laptop keep on "hanging" and no one can help her..
My brother telling me he went to tuition almost everyday and my mum is fetching...

Life is very tiring when you actually look at it..
Days and Nights...
Everyone has their own things to do..
Sometimes i just feel like going back to have a look for awhile, make sure that they are happy and fine....

I hope one day I am able to fund my parents like how they fund me
I hope one day I will be there for my family whenever they need me...
Duh too tired, i need to sleep.

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