Monday, September 29, 2008


Yay! it's a holiday again - a week break from research and thesis. Hehe.. well i am still editing but no doing it for these few days maybe.

The previous few posts are just some emo episodes. It happens to people all the time. Hmmm... But then it's not a big deal =) It's some random emotions that i have after seeing and listening stories, of course undergoing some down moments. I am glad it's over!~

This break is movie-ing, shopping.. sigh, malacca trip canceled as car not able to get servicing appointment slots (the raya and there are lots of people), hotel fully booked..

well, still holidaying! =D whee~

Oh ya, is this a season for marriage?
Hmm seems like a lot of ppl is getting married!~

Saturday, September 27, 2008



Living your arms with smile
I listen to destiny
The last card in my hand
50% chances
不能放纵 爱你
I cannot love you freely
or let my self go
Love has pass the sweet moment
多说也是 无益
There is no benefits with more talking
Love, or not, it doesn't really matter
A little bit of hurt only
You need not worry
I wont keep you
by pretending to be pity
都怪我 太不争气
Blame me, for not being good enough
i hate myself loving you
Oh~ 我爱你
i love you
just because you are you
Oh~ 我恨你~
i hate you
for having the little bit of intelligent that i cannot see
for having the the bad temper that i cannot stop describing
for you having your uncountable new relationships

I have your stained memory
i can forget you alone, quietly
I hate your very last sentence
"i love you"

It's not easy to maintain a relationship. It good that there will be a companion, but there are a lot of things that need to be worried, the sadness, disappointment which will cause a permanent scar. Sleepless night is common, tears and pain will also come along. Of course there are good things - someone there to wait for you, someone to accompany you, someone to take care of you, someone you can talk to..

But i wonder, is it true that love will still be there, after 1year? 5years? 10years? 15 years? 30years? 50years? i think love slowly become responsibility and getting used to live with another person. it takes a lot of effort to maintain, of course it has to be 2 ways. If there is only one party planning, putting in effort.. it won't work. Communication is also another factor. Sometimes words are hurtful.

i think i am still right about this "FOREVER is just too far, ETERNITY is just an imaginary state. Promise is mend to be broken. Future is too far.."

Just some random feeling after reading some blogs and listening to breakup stories from friends =) i am very happy with what i am now, very comfortable. =D



說著讓人傷心的話 你還是溫柔
Speaking with hurtful words, you are still gentle
我忽然感覺一切都是 如此的荒謬
Suddenly i feel that everything just don't make sense
當夜色慢慢落成一片漆黑 在你背後
When the night has brought darkness, behind you
Making me saying break up, which is what you wanted most

你也有你的好 對我來說卻不夠
You have your good side, to me, it's just not enough
而我的青春不該只是 等著你回頭
And i shouldn't spend my youth waiting for you to turn back
做你的情人不如做你 最好的朋友
becoming your lover, why not your best friend
最後給你的愛 是你想要的自由
My last bit of love to you, is giving you freedom, which you wanted most

愛的代價 有苦有樂 這一次啊 
Love is full of bitterness and joy, this time
I understand love more
雖然要把苦與痛都忘記 要經過好久
Although i need a long time to forget the bitterness and pain
我不怪不怨你 愛也曾經美麗
I wont blame you and love used to be beautiful
愛的代價 我付出了 放你去吧 
I give in my love, letting you go
and i understand a little bit more about love
一定有個人會在這世界 只為我等候
There must be that one person in this world that would wait for me
看天空是那麼寬 不再低著頭當我要往前走
Looking at the sky which is so broad, don't look down when i want to move forward

"This is a wonderful song. Sometimes, we just have to let go and not controlling too much in a relationship. Sometimes, we just have to give in more and ready to change for the situation, in order to shorten the bitterness and lenghten the happiness and joy." saw this in some of the comment from the lyrics station.

It's a wonderful song. =)


Okay, i booked my ticket to go back to Kch on 30 Oct - 11 Nov. I'm actually struggling whether to go back for a short trip. Firstly, i am worried about my thesis, afraid of not able to complete it on time, worried that i might not reach the 8000 word limit and wonder what to put to make the thesis longer and more detail, and also i need to study and revise for semester 8, which i could have started earlier =( obviously i did not.

Secondly, i don't wanna interrupt kshih's time to study, as i think i do distract her studying for a little while which might cause her to not finishing her study schedule on time. Thirdly, when i come to think that after i go back, she will be left alone in the house, but of course with the new working housemate as well. If that housemate go back then she will be left alone.. Lastly, the air ticket is damn expensive okay, almost 700rm if i go back for this raya week.

Hmm.. but lastly, i also make my decision to go back, and book my return ticket 2 days ago, with a reasonable price - RM238. So i go back for around 12 days. I think I'm distracting her studying la She told me to go back la so that she can finish studying before her last paper, when i start to make fun of her and disturb her. hmmm.. but it's ok la. I think i am quite noisy also

Nvm la. This trip back at least give me a break of the stupid thesis which almost kill me after showing me the results - the more u exercise and the less you eat make you having higher BMI, bigger waist circumference and higher body fat. It's just dun make sense la. I am still thinking of ways to describe and explain that for 3000 words. YES, its 3000. GOodness.. it's a thesis okay, not some crappy assignment. Sigh, so for this 3000 words, i need to be realistic, rational and scientific.

Haha.. and i can go home, filling my time with TV, talking to my family and resume my life as a typical Sarawakian - kolo mee + teh si peng


Yes, i am from sarawak, so i will be send back to serve in SGH after i graduate (sigh~)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Moonlight resonance finally end!

After around 2 months of drama craze, finally, Moonlight Resonance has ended. Phew! It ends with a good ending, expected ones, Ah Hou with Ah Chow, Ah Ka with Ah Yuet... Even the old couples got back together (Ho-ma & Jo-pao) =D My mum, grandma and bros will like it lo...

And everyone will be happy that both of them got together finally.
(although i like linda chung with bosco wong, but then its ok la, raymond lam is good wad)

There is this one phrase that I like in the movie, when Linda ask Raymond to bake a cake for her
" Even if i waited for you until you are 80 years old, I'll also wait and keep waiting for you"

Another one, when he thought Linda is gonna married Bosco,
" Congratulations on your wedding, and I promise I won't be a third party in your relationship, but can you not stop me from contacting her?"

Where the hell on earth there is such person? Hahaha.. It's movie la
Some how, love is blind mah (*hahahaha)

My dad always tell us when we are cursing a movie among ourselves (with mum and bros),

"cho hi eh lang si siao eh, kua hi eh lang si gong eh" (hokkien)

I guess its true.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gathering for the belated celebration!

Happy birthday Carol!

Well, last year it was Ciao! It has been a year already since the last celebration with a dress theme, and this year, it is Olympic GOld.. gold shoe, necklace, dress, earrings, even undies! =D

this is at the end..

and this is during dinner

Here are some picture..
Thanks chzehong for taking photo for us..
Great ones!




then its gossip time!

with this.. talking and listening..

asking around, clarifying..
erm.. we always wonder that whether its 31 or 24??
is it 77 or 84??


and eating cherry!

Steph, Kshih, Fay and Gianwan.. hope you all were here
but its ok, we will have another one soon!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wait.. is it true??

I took this pic from facebook, erm.. from jcca to be specific. this is the most recent pic i got.
Is it true tat i got thinner?
But i did lose around 6kg (since the last trip i went back to kch, and according to the balance in vista)
OR is it because the pic is blur??

.. and this is from the kch trip.

gosh, my face so round!
erm.. kshih's face is round TOO hahahahahaha
oh my god, wee, i miss you so much la

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Phew ~ I am looking forward to Sem 8

Ya, i am looking forward to semester 8. I cant wait to get over this research semester. it is making me sick. Most of the time of this semester i am at home. Yeah, I AM HOME. Doing survey at home. it sounds lazy right? but then, i have done my survey and got the results already. Legally speaking, i am working on my thesis at home. Analysing the results - working on how to explain my survey which frankly speaking, not only it has not shown a correct correlation, it is getting me headache as the results is totally OPPOSITE.

I feel like fainting also if i presented like this : The results of my survey shows that ppl with higher ratio of energy expenditure/energy intake has higher BMI, waist circumference and body fat.

Sick right? this statement simply means that people who exercise and eat less will end up being FAT. its sick right? hahahah i also feel sick when i see the results.

But nevermind, josantoes is looking out for explanation. I am sure i will solve it and i will present it brilliantly! yeah, explain why my results s*cks!

okay, one thing, today i got my semester 8 posting - I GOT PUTRAJAYA!

ok la, it is clean, paperless (means all the details of the patient will be in the computer), dun have to go to ward and see sick ppl, dun have to worry bout bringing microbe back home, dun have to be paranoid and wash bedsheet every week.. hahahhahaha but there is negative side also la, lecturer said that we have to comply to their regulations and last year senior having problem in the hospital that they didnt manage to get enough case..

but josantoes will definitely work it out! No worry. hahahahah

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I miss the old days...

3A1, Class of 2000

This is the photo of part of 3A1, if I am not wrong, there are around 45 of us
there are only 28 of us here in the picture..
really miss the old times =)

In facebook, someone said,
there are doctors, pharmacists, nurse, lawyers, accountants, engineers, designers, pilots
credits goes to : kanga, thanks for making this. it's great!

Josantoes new love~

Josantoes is falling in love with - coffee...

I don't drink coffee during study break or before exam
I don't drink coffee, especially those 3 in 1
I don't like the smell in my mouth, my breath and all around me

But nowadays,
since the new cafeteria starts operate in IMU library
the coffee smell makes me =) happy!

Today, i decided to make my own coffee...
So, after Zanmai-ing in the Gardens, I went to cold storage to buy coffee
of coz i have to buy milk as well
Then, coffee filter bags...

tada~ the first josantoes brewed coffee!
1 : 1 ratio of milk and coffee ( but it's too milky)
Gotta make thicker coffee and less milk, gonna try 1:2 tmr.

Oh, the All butter cheese twist from Mark & Spencer
add colours to josantoes coffee!

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