Sunday, November 30, 2008


1/12/2008 marks the first day of sem 8. I'm not motivated nor prepared. I'm slightly better than layman but not competent enough to practice. That's what sem 8 is all about, polish my knowledge, build up confidence level, observe current hospital practice and maybe will get scolded. 8 to 5 working hour, hospital expensive yet not so delicious food and 30 PCPs plus written long case and presentation are not easy.

Tonight will be the last few hour of enjoyment and put a fullstop to my wonderful sem 7.

Josantoes has been lazy and rest long enough... hospital... i hate you!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Canton-i in The Garden

Whee~ Finally tried this restaurant, newly open in The Garden, from Dragon-i group of restaurant -- > Canton-i. It serves hong kong food, but definitely better than KimG*ry orWongK*K.. The pictures below are taken from MASAK-MASAK food blog =) That owner ate exactly what i ate with kshih just now but we did order the taufu fah - San SHui tau fu fah that always been mentioned in TVB movie ( i think the sri petaling botak apek makes better taufufah lo...

The exterior, this is the 1u outlet but they look exactly the same. So many people waiting and i think it took us around 30mins to wait for 2 seat and we got the middle table which is very close to the two table besides.. the couple sat on my left side really served as entertainment show for both kshih and i, i will tell the story later

Okay, this is what i eat -> dry wanton mee with 2 roast combination
The springy wanton mee - no flour taste but it is black, i dun quite like it, but it is springy!

serve with: 1) Roasted Pork (sio bak)
I tell you, it's only a few pieces of that size (<6)>

Honey roasted Pork (char sio)

Aduh, the char sio is nice lo, not so fat and not so lean... yum yum...oh we did order one portion of chicken but sorry la, cant find any pic here.. kshih said the chicken is nice, as it is tender and not so well cook. of coz i dun eat that much, as there is blood coming out from the bone and i dun like it le...

okay, kshih ordered the signature shrimp wanton soup noodle. the MASAK MASAK blog only show the shrimp, so i only can put the shrimp here lo
erm, i think those wanton in kshih's bowl looks better than this =)

Then, we order the egg tart which is very nice as well.. There is this LCD outside the shop keep showing the process of making the signature dishes and we saw the egg tart. WAH really make my stomach make noise le.. so we order lo

The thing is crispy on the outside, soft and warm from the inside.. Really nice one. Unlike the tong kei in sri petaling, this one no pork oil smell, not so hard le the egg fillings... but of coz its more expensive.

Okay back to the couple sitting beside me. Aduh, its so funny lo, they keep ordering their food until it fills up the whole table - one plate of rice with those mix roasted thing, really big portion. then they order the red bean pig pao like dragon-i, chee chiong fun one plate with 3 really big and thick and with fillings inside, one claypot of chicken i suppose and one dimsum(4 siu mai). They order so much but actually wasted 1/2 of the food they order.. the kids in africa no food to eat le, even the waiter who clear their table also shake his head when he saw almost 3/4 portion of the claypot chicken is untouched.

GOodness, before their food come, they are talking and talking about what to eat lo.. then suddenly the waiter come and take their order, the waiter speak chinese to the lady. but the lady answered in english, talking to the boyfriend le telling him what she wants i suppose and not talking to the waiter. ok lo, the boyfriend makes the order in cantonese while the girl continue ignoring the waiter (with one kind of bitchy and i-am-so-high-class look)

okla, initially i thought she might be a banana and she cannot understand mandarin so she speak english to the boyfriend and ask the boyfriend to order food for her. Manatau when i carefully listen to their conversation...

the boyfriend: Eh, today is exactly one month the day we go taiwan ho
girl: err hmmm..
the boyfriend: ... (continue bla bla bla dunno what he say la i didnt pay attention)
girl: the restaurant at where one le?
(oh my god!!! some pseudo-banana speak "london"/pseudo-english with terms like AT WHERE)
the boyfriend: oh i think food upstairs restaurant better ho (then bla bla bla again)
girl: oh, thing i want to buy one is not this shop one, the one i want is the other shop one
(pseudo-banana, got so many one this and one that is it...???)

then i was like =.=|||.. your english not so good also, pls dun pretend like you do.

It's like oh my god~ pls lo... if you go to english speaking restaurant like italianese, chillis, fair enough lo you can speak english and speak in whatever standard also no one would say a word lo.. but this is a chinese speaking restaurant, and the waiter all speak cantonese or mandarin, dun go pretend you are damn good in english speaking and behave like tat.. aduh.. really cannot tahan ppl like this =.=

i have many banana fren also, and i never heard this term "at where" and so many "one" in their conversation lo.. sigh.. but good la got entertainment mah wahahahahahaha

yeah, my english is not so damn good, but at least i am not like tat lo.. -.-|||

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


After the celebration in Souled out, Meeishya and Pingwei's birthday, I went to malacca the next day to celebrate steph's birthday. This is taken at the jetty, a new place near Dataran and Mahkota Parade. It's kinda hard to get to the cafe, though and they have this club car to fetch us from one end to the very end of the jetty, took around 1-2 mins, but walking probably needs

Happy birthday, steph! Hope you enjoy your birthday, but i am sure you are tired bringing us around...

Satay celup, but i ate 1 stick as it is very hot le... but i kinda like the "sio bak" opposite capitol.

Look at michie, hehe i bet she is wondering if the "fu chuk" is really that nice =)

Wonder when can get everyone to gather together again. Nx sem, seems like all of us have been posted to different places....

HKL : Eefen, meeishya, Kherli
Ipoh : Pingwei
PutraJaya : ME!!
Serdang : Phuilin
Seremban : Carol, Michie
Malacca : Laipeng, steph, sinqi

Even new year, visiting is hard to arrange too =(

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

D-Link Router - You S*ck!

My stupid D-link router which we bought at Rm280 died this afternoon. Yes, we got conned by the stupid TIMES broadband one and only contractor 2 years ago when we applied broadband and know nothing about router. Stupid idiot bring the router to our house, keep cursing the router but know nothing in setting up the router and keep saying Chao Cheebye, cheebye router, how this cheebye.. keep cheebye up and down but the router don't seems to work and we all hate him!

And you know what, i tried setting up the router after he left and it only spend me less than 15 minutes. Means that stupid contractor don't know how to set up a router but he blady hell idiot charged us RM280 for that. What to do, we all so "der" that time and pay lo~ but i did find out that it actually cost RM180 that time. =.=|||

Once in awhile, the router become crazy and always need to reset it. Nvm la i will do all that, but what the hell, it die today..GEeezzz can't you last for another 6 months???? Sigh, i have to give this news to eefen when she just reached home and havent even unpack her luggage. Sms christine and ching ching and tell them about this during their sweet holiday in Sabah! Stupid D-Link!! i doubt if the stupid contractor gives me 2nd hand router!!

I just need to complain. Buy new one also good la, i don't have to reset the router so often, save all the trouble. The router can online for awhile then suddenly the wireless access point gone! very angry la sometime, but nvm it will end tmr.. when i got a new one!

UPDATE 13/11/2008
Ok lo i go and buy new router.. Aztech WL830RT4. Goodness, happily buy the router and eat kfc. In the end go back home and try the damn router cannot function. Did the same configuration for it as i did for the D link router.. then cannot. I even wake up early today at 11am to do again.. .shit la still cannot.

Then eefen suggest maybe can call back the shop and ask to change to another router. ok lo, call lo then they allow us to change ma.. so changed already to another brand.. ate MOVE IT meal tat at least cheer me up go back and try configure... SAME.

Now i am using other ppl's WIFI.. why i have to subscribe and still using other ppl's wifi!!!! DAMN it.. ROuter.. when can u work again!!! anyone who can do router configuration for TIME broadband pls come and help me...!!!

I think i am damn pissed now.. all my words are continuous...!

UPDATE again
Okay after seeking help from steph's bro, keying in default gateway into the router (LAN TCP/IP), PPPoE connected but the IP is still sigh...

UPDATE 21/11/2008: Josantoes proudly announced that the wireless router is working!
After almost 10 days of sharing the single port connection, the wireless is finally back. Special thanks to steph and her bro for helping me in configuring the router and thanks to time ppl who willingly re-configure the modem making the router works again~ Wheee~ However, this second guy is a good guy, while the first guy who came last few days is not! I doubt if he purposely make my modem allow single connection~ Hmmm but its ok la.. I am happy already. BTW, going to get eefen's wireless adapter too so that she can share the joy of using internet. I know, life is really lonely and miserable without internet. XD hahahaahha

Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday celebration!

Birthday celebration.. Hmmm i like to attend other ppl's birthday celebration, but my own? Hmm i like to keep myself in one corner or some simple celebration with close friends, thinking about the past, about what i used to be, who i used to have and the time when all my previous celebrations that have taken place :)

The most recent celebration will be gian wan's, then the coming up ones will be pingwei and meeishya's, then steph's. It's like birthday season when it comes to the 2nd half of a year.. with all these birthdays coming up, this also means that 2008 is coming to an end... I will be graduating next year.. So, time really flies!

This is taken during gian wan's birthday at Tony Roma, with steph and laipeng, kshih and charlyn. Hmmm.. I would like to complement myself again.. I am definitely thinner (compared to the time when the group came to kch XD)

Hahahaha.. i just wanna post picture =)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

BR's Chocolate Fondue

Yes. Finally i have a taste of BR chocolate fondue. Since BR has an outlet in The Gardens, i have always wanted to try. =) today we went to meet wee in MV and we decided to order BR chocolate fondue and it is better than HD.

20 scope is RM39.90 so we decided to order the large one with 30 scope of ice-cream RM49.90

It has more ice-cream than fruits or cookies.
HD has lots of cookies and fruit and is more expensive.
SO, BR is better!

When ice-cream dips into the warm pool of chocolate, it hardens and form a coat on the ice-cream.. Whee~ josantoes likes it!

And wee is here! Weekend will be more colorful with you in KL..
Maybe we shall go down to kuantan and arrange BBQ XD

Friday, November 7, 2008

Josantoes is back in KL

Yuhoo... Josantoes is back to KL.. Start to plan my thesis, hope to do a good work.. Back to Kch, spend more time with my family, watching tv for all of my time at home, talk to my bro, help them "ponteng" by fetching them back earlier, eat the kuching food and do the kuching thing XD

So, after a week, rest and sleep.. also, Josantoes finally can walk straight.. if you ask me how i manage to heal my leg and be able to walk normal.. I also dunno.. i took new muscle relaxant that i have at home, decrease the dose of diclofenac that i self prescribed because it is not so much of pain but stiffness still persist, worship to get rid of unwanted power that might make my leg getting worst (i know i am superstitious, but as long as my leg can heal, it doesn't matter), learn to walk straight as my aunty and mum and grandma said i walk like i have big ass, use massage chair that i love so much, stop stretching and i eat good food that my grandma cooked! so i also don't know what makes it feel better~

Thanks grandma for cooking all the food i like: bakuteh, kachang-ma, fish, pork-cake(grandma recipe), whole tupperware container of keropok (also grandma recipe), prepare fried onion and blended chillis for me to bring back to kl. thank you very much.

Thanks to my mum and dad for bringing me to eat all the seafood that i like: Big prawns, olyster pan cake, salad chicken, salted egg crab... yes, i eat seafood until my and grandma's cholesterol got higher... XD

Thanks to my bro for going back from school ealier to eat lunch with me, watching and buying dvd with me, eat ice-cream and spend every afternoon lepaking, talking and watchin tv with me. FYI, they are having SPM on 11/11/2008... Wish both of u all the best and thanks for accompanying me even though u people have exam (yes, they are my brotherS, twin brothers)

This is taken in the park, yes, i went jogging and walking in the evening.. 3 rounds and i am laying down on the bench. I feel sleepy after that... Wonder why i am so tired.. slept right after i came back from midvalley yesterday, 14hours until 12pm today.

Oh ya, before i forgot, Happy birthday gian wan~ hope you enjoy the dinner last night XD

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