Friday, November 27, 2009

Getting used in the work force

Josantoes has abandoned this blog for a few months. Lately, I start to get used to working already. Although its tiring, but end of the month, the salary is very comforting =D

Work always sucks. Counseling in the ward sucks. Not the patient make me being very impatient, but its the environment that make me feel very depress. Think i need time to get used to the work environment - always bare in mind, it's the people that i need to help. Counseling is tiring, but at the end of the day, i always realised at least i educate and help people. It might be a little bit of help, but at least i do a little things to the people. Sounds great right? At the end of the month, at least i am capable of buying things i like and eating food i like.

Picture? Lazy to take la.. but i will try... eh, last few days i go see ortho specialist, Dr Aaron and a chinese experienced doctor. Hmm they tell me about my condition again, asking me to think bout surgery and advice me not to take celebrex on long term and say if i need to go for surgery just come in and make appointment then can go for surgery if i need it anytime. He even ask me to do all the back strengthening exercise and .... seriously, i do think the specialists are very caring.. I feel very happy that i am not a doctor as i do not have this type of care and patience and he gave me a prescription....

Deng!!! DR LAURA CHAN... hahahahahahahah

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Josantoes has a first car and is going to work on 1/9/09

Josantoes is excited, because:
1. I have my first car, and it's a graduation gift!
2. I am going to work means i will earn my own money and buy all the things i want, including all the clothes that i like with the same pattern but different color :D
3. I am going to be a pharmacist!

At the same time, josantoes is sad =( because:
1. Owning a car means petrol, maintenance and servicing have to be paid by myself
(Solution: I use my parent's credit card to buy petrol and pretend i am not free to bring the car for servicing?)
2. I have my own money, but i am afraid that after i earn, i would not spend like how i used to be
(Solution: Don't simply buy clothes)
3. Pharmacist is not an easy job - needs a lot of empathy which i doubt i have much, face a lot of critically ill patient, and life might just slip away anytime

However, josantoes is all prepared. Still, student life has come to an end, i hope my leg and back recover and be strong to face all the work load. I am pretty sure i can do it....

still not confirm where i wil be posted, but i hope it is kuching :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Eatery @ 4 Point Hotel (Sheraton), Kuching

That place - the eatery, has got promotion. Dinner buffet for RM34 only, actually i dunno what is the actual price, because drinks can be ordered, served soft drink and juice, as well as some coffee and beer XD but have to pay extra for those not included.

5S4 year 2002, i think there were at least 30 of us, but last night there were around 10 haha but it's ok la better than no gathering. Spending time with ex-classmates it's actually good, get to know ppl better, and spend time thinking back on my high school time...

Monday going to see doctor and get my medical check up done... Rumours confirmed posting coming in mid August, means i will have to report for duty in Sept... happy? i seriously dun thnk so ...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Josantoes is recovering from backache~!

I am back in kch and this month (JULY), i have to attend 2 wedding dinner - my dad's friend's as well as my cousin's. Getting married is a very tiring thing. This is always the feeling i've got whenever i saw those couple getting married - preparation as well as the big day itself. I know it's a happy event, but i don't feel that this is the process that i will be getting. Hahaha.. getting married is just too far and too wrong for me, i dunno why.. Not that i don't want a companion/partner, the process just keep me away...

Haha.. look at this picture - josantoes' waist is getting smaller, and i am thinner (look thinner okay~) Erm.. this tie, i bought but never have a chance to use as i have that terrible slipped disc/herniated interveterbra disc which i couldn't even attend IMU Ball that i have long waited for. In my 4 yrs, i should have gone to the ball with kshih when i was in earlier semester.. sigh.. but it's okay la it's over already.. I wore like this to the wedding dinner (my dad's friend's) and i think i am overdress...

Those people that attend wedding dinner in kch, i dunno la.. to me, it's like a once in a lifetime thing for the couple, so those who attend should have dress up better, not those loose/old t-shirt with faded old jeans or those big ah-pek shirt and big gold necklace as if you are going to the coffee shop to watch football... i dunno la, i think i am overdress last night, but of course there were people who wore formal (like me).. Actually i got nth to write about that's why i just put in some comments that i have... I think i enjoy the 1hr after-dinner-time with my parents in coffee bean more. 3 of us bought 3 coffee and 3 pieces of cakes and eat all of them after the wedding dinner, so what do you think bout the food?? Haha, the food not bad la (crown tower - Tian court), it's just that i dun really like them.

sigh, why is there nothing interesting for me to look forward to??

To THE GROUP: what are u ppl doing? Nx year we shall board the Virgo? hope it comes true =) I really miss the IMU hang out time in the library cafe...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Josantoes is in Kuching

I am now holidaying in kuching, never worried about work until the SPA letter reached my doorstep last week. Then, i have to go medical check up at the GOVERNMENT hospital which needs blood sample and now my left arm vein is injured with greenish colour and it has been there for a week ... That stupid fella still tell me "you belajar ubat saya belajar ini lah" Blady hell, thought yourself is such an expert is it, then if you are you wont be making my hand hurts until now.. Gotta collect the results and finished up the rest of the medical check up on 14/7/09 if i see u again, i will sure confront you on your expertist, you wait and see~!! Damn angry okay~

Okay, the duration between this letter (surat perlantikan) and the posting takes 2 months for my senior. i hope the 2 months remain and pls dun be efficient again. Last year, their surat perlantikan reached them after 3 months from convo, this time is ONE month. So, mathematically, my holiday is shorter by 2 months - predicted to start work in Oct, i think it would be august/september now =(

okay, no photo, lazy to upload, that's all for now. Bye.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Josantoes is a pharmacist! (Graduates, no working experience yet)

haha, on 30 May 2009, Josantoes is a pharmacist - pre-registered, fresh graduate with no working experience yet.

Looking back on year 2005, i applied for pharmacy course in IMU, then came to IMU and now completed the 4 years.. it's really fast. IMU brought me through a rather complete 4 yrs, turning me into a better person - live a fruitful 4 yrs in KL which makes me more adult =)

Thanks IMU for giving me such training, although i am not sure whether i am fit to practice, but i am sure that all fresh graduates have about the same level of competency :p The very best thing about IMU is that IMU brought me a group of great friends, which i am sure that we will be friends for the whole life and we shall gather again on VIRGO cruise nx yr =)

Leaving IMU means saying goodbye to my dependant life and the end of parasiting on my parents. I know i will need to earn to feed myself as well as giving back to my parents =) Walking down the stairs of kids and going into adulthood by entering into the job field, to me is not a good things - earning a living, working and working without complaint, saying goodbye to college/unversities, saying goodbye to fun.. ARGGGG~

Convocation is a happy day - to me, it is really tired. But i know my family is proud of me and they flew all the way to attend the convocation. Thanks mum and dad for everything that you people have given me by bringing me up, thanks to my grandma for taking care of me since young, thanks to all the rest of the family members who feel happy for me =)

Of course to "the group" - thanks for being such great friends, and see you all nx yr when we finish our PRP =) this is not all of us, eefen, michie, pingwei, laipeng, gianwan is missing la and of course to ms Law who accompany me through these few years especially during the time when i had my very bad backache back on 17/4/2009, thank you very very much =)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pavilion KL: Dain Ti Hill

See? i am standing straight, no more bending!
Yes, today i have gone to pavilion to search for white shirt to wear for convo, but mission fail as there is nothing i like. But, we went to eat in Dain Ti Hill, which we havent gone to for quite some time. It's nice, no no, it's great!! But i came back to rest after a few walk and decided not to risk anymore.

Some picture of us... i came back first leaving eefen and charlyn to continue shopping XD

The picture quality is not so good, as i brighten it.

hahaha.. so it's time for some food that we ate. We ate until very very full .... 

This is the starter, pumpkin potatoes - inside got ebiko =)

Firstly, it is the signature beef, today's standard is good, the meat is well cook with the correct texture.

This is the crispy chicken. Wanted to order mustard chicken, but can't resist the crispy-ness.

Then, this is the XO sauce pork which kshih loves very much and i don't quite like the smell

Fish! dunno wat is the name. Wanted to order since very long time ago, and it is really good - meat is so soft and smooth, no smell at all

Okay, the day before yesterday we went to Zanmai again and won another Rm20 voucher, but spent all already and kshih's birthday is near, so the zanmai ppl sing her a birthday song, then free a Matcha Ice-cream.. FREE okay~

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fish season - AH KHOON Fishball shop

this is us, i dressed nice in my new shirt which i bought before IMU ball and kshih is in her house/dinner t-shirt which she complaint the whole journey XD

Yes, i have made it to ah khoon, really miss the white coffee. Today, after kshih's final exam, we went down to town to eat ah khoon, too bad eefen is not around. Oh ya, the curry laksa and tomyam is damn nice, but sorry la, josantoes is sick and kshih is on diet so didnt order then didnt take pic of it.. but nvm, sure will go back and snap picture before i go back to kuching.

it has been more than 1 month since the last time i went. Tables and chairs all change to Marble tables and chairs, which means that shop is really earning even though the economy is on the down side =)

I really miss the white coffee, think i would want to buy a packet back to kuching =)

So, i don't eat the wan tan mee in KL, as it is black in colour and it doesn't smell good. But, the black noodle in AH khoon is really good. And it tastes like kolo mee (black ones) but its is not with char siew, it is with fish balls soup and it is healthier.. Then the favourite comes...

Fu chuk is one of the things in KL that i will miss. I really love it~

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dinner, same old dinner

Yes, dinner is always very predictable - either we ate in old town, yee lok or this teochew porridge place. Of coz, i dun eat porridge la, it always burn my tongue no matter how. But this shop got rice. It's more like a economy rice place, but the dishes is count  by portion and it separate different type of dishes into different plates, that's what i like about it =)

This is dinner for today - fish, soup, vege, pork, egg.. all got. So, this is for my parents to see what i have been eating for at least this one year la.. found this shop last year.. and still eating. Okay, their white coffee ice is really nice lo but i didnt drink today :p

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angels and demons first, then Twilight!

Yes, it has been almost 4 weeks from my backache and i am glad to say that i am fit enough to go out for dinner/lunch but not shopping yet. So, most of the time i stayed at home. Playing my pda game or facebooking until one day, i downloaded Twilight series, in Ebook, pdf format and i started reading the first one - TWILIGHT. I watched the movie, and i don't quite like it, however, the book is really good. Now i really understand why eefen/michele/steph said books are always better than the movies. So practically, i spend a week reading TWILIGHT, 235pages. I know i am slow, but i keep falling asleep for the first at least 150 pages. But after that, i keep reading until now, i finished the whole book and i seriously think it is better than the movie. So much better. The details are so much for you to figure out how the character actually move and talk, every single fine details that it is impossible to portray by the 2hours movie and i am liking it! So, i will continue the second book soon after i finshed Dan Brown's Deception point.

The first book i read was 2 years ago, when i am having industrial attachement in Malacca. I read Angels and demons by Dan Brown. i was so caught up with the story that i went online to search for the things that they discussed and was fascinated by all the historical things that was mentioned. Then, the movie is up... I have decided to watch it in Gold Class. For the first time in 4 years i am going to watch it. This has better be good, i read the story and i think it's worth it. 

Reading is a good habit though, improve my english and patience, but somehow, it will sedate me in a way la.. but i still want to read AS I GOT SO MUCH FREE TIME until at least september XD this is the exact book i bought, and it is the first book i bought and i finished reading in a week. OMG, I am so impressed!~

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fish Head Noodle

Fish Head Noodle is something i am going to miss when i go back to kuching. This is the shop we just found out in Kuchai Lama, and the fish head meehoon is super good that it does not taste like fish XD. I don't like fish, but i love this fish head meehoon =)

This is the bowl of fish head meehoon, got lots of pork oil, but i took them out. Okay, basically, inside there are tomato, ginger and milk...! It's really good XD wanna bring my grandma here and try, she is going to love it.

Meehoon and tomato shown, as well as fish!

I also like this, this is basically just fried fish cake... my grandma also can do this, but she is old so i wont want to bother her doing this for me, it's a hard process though.

Okay, today is not a fastfood delivery day, and i am happy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day~

The middle one is my grandma - Happy mother's day. Thanks for taking care of me until i am this old right now. 
Yes, today is Mother's day, Happy Mother's Day.. 
Haha, mother, i spend a lot of money but i will give you back by filling full your big jar when i go to work la... make sure u buy one for dad too .. 

Okay.. Also Happy Mother's Day to ... 

Kshih's Mum.. Happy mother's day.

From far but sincere,

jst & ks

Backache/Slipped disc: Supplements and Prohibits!

Okay, today i am going to talk about my slipped disc/backache again. Hahaha.. yes, i got nothing better to do so i decided to research about supplements for my condition. To refresh: I am having slipped/herniated/buldging disc at lumbar spine - L4/L5 and a little bit, little littel on L5/S1 due to the condition on L4/L5. Currently taking celecoxib 200mg, norgesic which contains paracetamol and orphenadrine 35mg as well as neurobion. I have been taking the following supplements too but is not consistant - sometimes i take sometimes i forgot :p

So i went to the pharmacy - Sri Petaling, big and famous one - AA Pharmacy which opens 7 days a week. This is a very successful pharmacy as you actually can shop inside although it is only a shoplot. The supplement section is damn full of different brand and type and the rack is from the floor up til the roof. So, i went in to buy my usual medicine and also ask about supplement for my condition.

The pharmacist is very frank and sincere. He told me there is actually no clear/evidence based support on the supplement, but he said his customers did said that after taking the glucosamine+chondroitin, they experienced less pain and improved range of movement. So i bought and try. Also, previously i complaint of nocturnal leg cramping which disturbed my sleep. I have been taking the Amway Calcium/magnesium but no supply already and bought the kordel's liquid calcium. Initially, it didn't help but now, i seem to realise that the cramping is less and last night i sleep like a baby!~~~ yUHOOO~~~~

So, i also find out why previously the Kordel's calcium didn't work - i think i must have sick and brain not functioning that i took the calcium with celecoxib, norgesic and neurobion. Obviously, celecoxib absroption has been interrupted by the calcium which then cause decrease bioavailability and wasting my celecoxib. Now, i spare out 4hrs and my cramping is not there anymore. Pharmacokinetics is important here.

Okay, so i have to apply my knowledge acquired from EBM, finding articles to support my supplement efficacy on backache - it is true that there is no clinical study done on the efficacy of glucosamine+chondroitin on slipped disc but it's reported to helps in osteoarthritis of the knee. But there are also survey done in USA that the volunteers were taking glucosamine+chondroitin for 2 years and the MRI later shows improved buldging disc in some patients, no worsening of severe slipped disc and helps in degenerative back bone. But EBM wise, there is no established study yet.

OKay, i also seek alternative medicine. I went for acupuncture previously when i got a severe pain 3 weeks ago and put on the herbs/yellowish brownish liquid at my back. It did help, but i feel the acupuncture works like the interference therapy (IT) in physiotherapy that they supplied little amount of electrical stimulation to the pain area and ease the pain. So, i went for physiotherapy so i stop the acupuncture as i am kinda worried about the long and sharp needle sticking on my back. So, there is a list of PROHIBITS that i couldn't take during the pain period and also the rest of the time .. you know la the chinese tabib/sinseh always like to ask you don't eat this and don't eat that, for some reason western medicines permits you to eat everything (i am a pharmacy graduates, my textbook tell me there is no correlation but i am a chinese, so i still listen to the PROHIBITS).

Talking bout it, the pain period, i am not suppose to eat CHICKEN and EGG for the first 3-7 days. Which i fail as i have no appetite and i keep eating McD Chicken porridge. But after going to the tabib and see the list, i stopped and eat FIBER BREAD (Taste like grass) and char siew with white rice until i almost puke.. .hahahaha

So i am going to share the list of PROHIBITS here:

Life is really meaningless lo if i have to restric so much, but the good news is most of the things i don't eat so doesn't really affect much -  BAKUTEH, cold drinks and banana only lo.. i will eat la when i feel that my back is ok.. but will reduce only... BAH~~ I MISS BAKUTEH  

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nando's Delivery "Take Me Home" Dinner

Yes, today is another delivery day - lunch with Ayam Goreng McD delivery, dinner with Nando's delivery, ordered Peri 2 Meals 

This package is kinda worth it.. RM 50 but with the following things"
1. 2 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines (which means 4 sidelines)
2. 2 bottle of 500ml coke
3. 2 Big chicken sausage with nando's sauce
4. 1 box of potato wedges and dips
5. Garlic Bread

As yesterday has made it to Midvalley for Zanmai dinner.. so i better stay home today. I did walk around the house and sit up to eat but didn't want to strain too much by eating out. Must really take good care of my back so that i don't have to go for surgery.

Yes, why don't just do surgery and it will be better? It's spine surgery, which means, open up the back area, expose the nerve and take away the buldge disc that has compressed on the nerve that cause the pain and weakness of my left leg. Yes, just rest for a week then i should be fit. Spine surgery, has risk -  risk of paralysis. That's why my doctor does not recommend surgerywhen i can control my bowel movement and urine output, able to walk and sit, that's why he doesn't want to recommend surgery but ask me to take good care of the bag. I have to wear the stupid croset to support my back and it really tied my stomach, no matter how hungry, i could not eat much.. in a way it's good la.. hehe can maintain my weight mah

Update: yes, yesterday went to midvalley, today just rest at home and put hot pack on my back to relax the muscle.. i feel like i have exercise la.. my leg doesn't cramp anymore which is a good sign. Previously, nocturnal leg cramping happenned, interrupt my sleep and now it's gone. hehe. .how? Take calcium supplement lo.. I really think the Amway Calcium/Magnesium is good la.. i finished my supply but my mum's courier has not reached, i have to buy the other brand. Taking Kordel's liquid calcium, which i still feel a little cramp. Means, AMWAY is actually good :D

Okay, another day has passed...  wish kshih all the best in her exam 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Midvalley and ZANMAI sushi~!

Okay, this is the longest period of time that i had spent at home for the whole 4 years of living in KL. Not going Midvalley for 3 weeks is way too long for me.. today, i made it! i made it to midvalley and enjoy my beloved ZANMAI sushi.

Zanmai sushi now celebrating their 2nd year anniversary and is giving out RM2o voucher during their happy hour. It is 7-8pm and everyday there is different theme. Today is Nigiri sushi - those with rice with unagi, salmon, tamago on top and tie with seaweed those type... Zanmai has always be my choice since it opened in The Gardens last year. From the day the supervisor and the crew treat me like strangers and now we are like friends =) Talk and laugh, keep coming to scan my plates with the UV light to check if there is any stamp that indicate a free RM20 voucher.. Finally, in the end, I won 2 RM20 (which is RM40) voucher and the whole restaurant cheers (of coz those working there only lo) and i think it's fun! The most important thing is the RM20 voucher can be used immediately with no term and condition... Hahahaha.. 

Kaeshih said i always talk to strangers.. but i think this time round, by making friends with the zanmai supervisor and one of the waitress has make me won RM40 and always make a way to let me sit near the sushi bar.. haha hahahhaahahaha 

Hahaha.. we keep eating la.. then ah until the last plate is the salmon with rice.... yer.. hahaha but nvm tat's the plate tat we won the 2nd RM20 voucher! Thanks to zanmai and the ppl working there!
Of coz, josantoes needs to rest in order to walk further.. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Josantoes is still at home~

It has been 2 weeks plus since the backache attack. Yes, this is the 3rd week. Still, i am resting at home.. dun wanna risk anymore.. i promise myself to take good care of my back until it is fully recover, so it will be a long term management for at least 1 yr...

So, for this 1 yr, josantoes cannot do the following stuff:
1. Long distance traveling
2. Prolong sitting (>30mins): must get up and stretched a bit la
3. Vigorouse exercise, except swimming in a slow, really slow pace
4. Carry heavy things (>3kg)

Okay, josantoes has not been to Midvalley for more than 3 weeks and is missing the smell of it. Josantoes has not buy any shirt for convocation...  okay, these few days, josantoes is laying on the bed, eating fruits waiting for time to pass and eat medicine and let the back cure by having lots of bed rest.. .

this is the McD delivery service.. wah dunno eat hw many times already

PDA and PSP that kills my time when i am at home..

Hello Pu-to?! hahahaha everyday also do the same thing, bored!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Yes, backache came back, unable to go IMU ball, until today, i have been resting for 2 weeks. Finally, my body is straight like usual.. and i dare not strain myself too hard. SO besides getting up to sit and eat and walk around the house, i am basically laying down reading and facebooking, as well as movie-ing.

So, life for me recently is sleeping.. i will never forget how much pain it cause me for the past 2 weeks... as well as the inconveniences. Will never let this happen again. NEVER. Right now still need bed rest, but can walk around the house.. physiotherapy helps... MRI done, revealed slipped disc.

So, i am still deciding whether to go back kch or not.. it's not tat i dun wanna go back. The problem is sitting in the taxi, waiting at the airport, in the plane and traveling home is at least 4hrs. Interview 3hrs of sitting already cause my leg to cramp and back uncomfortable.. sigh.. i am worried that the traveling back to attend convo will worsen the backache, then i MISS the convo like the IMU BALL...

ARGGYHHHHHHHHHHH,... nevermind, i will consult my doctor on 7 May 2009, and see what he said....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Malacca, I like~!

Done by William and i like it~!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eat and gain weight!

Seems like all i did these days are eat and sleep, then shopping... finally, it can be summarised in 2 words - SPENDING MONEY.. the last time i felt like this, was 4 yrs ago when i finished form 6 and waiting to enter Uni. SO here i am again - transition period

Bought some tops from Topshop which i like.. no more black as i realised my cupboard is full of black or dark color tops.. well they are mostly in the luggage bag now, and some still in laundry bag.. WONDER WHY LAUNDRY NEVER ENDS....!!

Today is a beautiful day... No more shopping. So first post some pink rose pic first.. hehe (quite lame)

So just came back from bangsar - kshih went to trim her eyebrow then to Madam Kuan to eat.. I think Madam Kwan is brilliant as not only bojari rice is good, curry, beef, fried chicken and even fried prawn/chicken dumpling are great as well~! 

so, the above is fried dumpling - filled with prawn and chicken, but not sticker meat and flour. the below is fried chicken wing and it is great because.. i dunno why, it's just good~

Hmmm yes la, i am moving back to kuching already... Posting in kch? Most probably la.. not sure as i havent receive the letter yet (it's always late and slow)

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