Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy new year~

Yeah.. its a new year.. and i am gonna make a review on my 2007 new year resolution.
Okay.. firstly, i remember the lose weight thing. I did lost a few kgs but it is not the targeted one. Nvm, i will continue it this year. Then, i didn't buy an ipod, but i got a new phone instead - nokia n73 from my mum total FOC. The rest of the resolution.. its not so important..

Hell yeah~ 2007 is a great year where i found a group of frenz in uni. We had so much fun together and we are THE GANG... hahah well, there is also a family... mum, and the 3 daughters.. proudly said that we are all blood group A+ with HIGH cholesterol... !

Shopping and eating good food with you all is a great thing during weekend ! err.. oops another picture without me XD

And, end of december 2007, a few gathering with high school frenz were held and it's just great! I really had a wonderful time with all of them.. and i will miss them too.

2008, definitely is a good year. Well, i didn't go out tonight. Got 2 special visitors with me during the count down, and yes, thanks for coming .. appreciate it~ its raining heavily some more.. Happy new year and wish u all the best..! FOr everyone.. we've had a great 2007 and yes, 2008 is gonna be more fun, more love, and well, GREATer than 2007!

Cheers for all the best. I didn't go out tonight, but i have heineken in my hand and you in my heart... and all of you in my memory!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

sorry guys~

First of all, i would like to apologize, for leaving earlier.. but siang, although we will only meet after a few years.. the picture will always stay in my comp.. thanks shuwei and siang for tonight..
It's a great night with all of them.. i mean, i really enjoy the time we spent.. This holiday is going to be a very very fruitful and meaningful one.. There has been a long time since the last period of time when we all did have time together..

Enjoy~ and let this post stays in my blog for a great memory

Friday, December 28, 2007

I miss you..

Sometimes.. i think i got addicted easily.. And, i'll pick up my old habit very easily.. After seeing my liver profile beginning of 2007, i told myself, i am not going to touch alcohol stuff anymore until my liver is fully recover. Take my word - FULLY. Then, this whole year..while i am in kl.. trust me, other than my birthday celebration, and wine tasting - which means a slip of alcohol, i didn't take any.

This is not so true when i see this again...
This is taken from shyang's blog. Thanks shu wei again for the bottle of whiskey.. I enjoy it so much.. it's like i have met my long lost friend.. i dunno how many cups i've drink but it not too much la.. i am not an alcoholic, and i am not like an alcohol addict too.. but i thnk i am hurting my liver again.

i just wanna say - i think i pick up my habit again.. wey, i'm not showing off i can drink or how much i drink... this is just a reminder for myself...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


It's christmas~ i like christmas most.. and this year, the celebration is in Kch. It's the best i ever had compared to the last few years celebration. Fun night, with friends who i haven seen for a long long time... Shu wei came back from UK already, charles back from perth, kenny and siang back from US and shyang back from his busy schedule in the hospital.. i'm glad to see all of them, but of course, dodo and doug, I miss u guys also.. it would be more fun with both of u around.

Some introduction.. from left : chien, san, charlyn, kshih, kenny, josantoes, Siang, Shyang, Charles, shuwei...
It's really fun to talk and see friends around esp those that i haven seen for a long time. Of course, many of them graduated, which means i am nearer to my graduation as well.. I do not hope to start work.. i enjoy my life now.. yeah, i know i am lazy~

This is after the count down. THe management of the lounge forget to have the count down on time.. but we did tat several minutes after 12am.. ah ha.. we got hamper from lucky draw too.. well, we only had 1 ticket and its really lucky~ oh ya, thanks to kenny lucky head... ! Immediately after rubbing the ticket on his newly shaved head, we got our lucky draw~

Fun night, great celebration. Right, i have to prepare to go back to KL.. and build some study mood~

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Cappuccino is making my day great~ Seeing you making my life colourful...

Monday, December 17, 2007

New toy~!

Yohoo.. josantoes and brothers have new toy !

Firstly.. this is the ex. dvd drive...

Secondly.. its the additional Samsung 17" LCD for the old comp at home ( named "tua cha kong" - big woody at home )

eee~! there is 2 little thing beside the litlle sam.. hehe.. its the new sonic gear evo7 satelite.. hmmm... and there is a woofer too.. !

yoo~ home computer completely equiped with what we desire.. my bro can happily play his DOTA and CS.. and i can connect my laptop the the LCD and speaker.. make me less likely to miss my altec lansing in KL....

tonight.. i am happy.. i blogged with new thing.. mayb i should get a 19"LCD and connect like this in KL.. wow.. it would be heaven.. .! now only i realised 15.4" and 17".. there is still difference although its just a matter of 1.6"...

okay.. little burn squeeze rm170, little sam took rm669, little sonic cost rm175 .. which make up rm 1014... mum and dad sponsored little burn and little sam.. my bro sponsored little sonic.. and jst & family have all these ... Great day, great family, great time~!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Okay.. i watch grey's anatomy again from season 1... YES~ i watch all over again.. and i realised meredith grey is so much younger, prettier and sexier...

no pic for this post..

"stop looking at me like that.."
"like what?~"
"like you've saw me naked.."

ilike this conversation, when meredith realised derek is the attendind, and she's an intern.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Okay.. it is the day when i realised my brother has grown up.. He cooked Meehoon and knock on my door asking me if i want to try some.. he told me he fried the left over "kolo-meehoon" i bought him for his tea time this afternoon..

i tried. it taste better than the meehoon originally. i guess he add pepper and salt .. haha... and i realised my brother has grown up and he is able to cook for himself. when i say wow, it taste good.. he stil proudly told me that he knew how to cook since last time. although i dunno when is last time but i really think he has grown up. haha.. this pic is taken when he almost finish the whole plate after i help him wash the wok he used.

i am glad that my bro can take care of himself and i realised that he is already 17years old. But to me, he is, oh no, i have twin brothers.. they are still kids...

Monday, December 10, 2007

As i Promised!

Okay, i have been saying i wanna post about "cha kueh tiaw" in the chatbox.. and dodo reminds me the other day. TOday i went to this coffee shop...

The price of a normal cha kueh tiaw, or fried meehoon in normal coffee shop will be around 3.00 to 4.00, this shop is charging for rm6.00 per plate. But ah, the dish is good - there are fried prawn, chicken wing and also some chicken nugget. So, its worth~

The menu is still the old menu. Even they use marker pen to darken the previous price and write it with new prices. Sigh~ everything is more expensive now.

I order fried rice, and my brothers ate cha kueh tiaw ( cantonese style ) and fried meehoon. Hmmm.. we are allergic to seafood so we ask them not to add in the prawn. The prawn is in stick.. marinated fried prawn in stick and there are 2 sticks per serving.

this is the fried rice... RM7.00

The fired mee hoon!

and tada! the cha kueh tiaw..

I cant really find a nice and superb cha kueh tiaw.. so i tried this. i thnk its okay! hey dodo, mayb u should tel me where is nice then i wil go and try!

Okay, more food post coming.. and today, i went to the airport - not to send or pick someone up but to drink a cup of starbucks coffee and played scrabbles ! yuhoo! i used to be scrabble champion with my partner ( tze ai ) in st thom and my opponent is Doug and Fabian! But today, i played custom scrabble.. no recording of marks, just put a word and the winner will be determined by the least number of letter after the whole game.. haha..

Haha.. surprise to see a lot of ppl went to the airport for starbucks too!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The group is heading to ---> KUCHING!!

Oh no.. I sound like i'm advertising for Airasia. However, this is something good about airasia. It has frequent air fare promotion!! This make a dream came true that the group is heading to Kch!! okay, i shall announce the details.

Host/organizer : Josantoes
Participants : Carol, Steph, Sinkui, Laipeng, Gianwan
From Kuching : Josantoes, Kshih, Eefen, Michie
Date : 21/6 - 25/6 2008

Okay.. it's not just a plan. We bought the ticket!!

So, it's true that the group is heading to KUCHING. Actually, there is nothing much in Kch that can spend the whole 5 days 4 nights la.. So, the plan has to be draggy a bit. Pay so much to come Kch cannot be spending like 2 or 3 days ma...

Anyone else coming? i dunno.. but i do hope the whole group come! hehe.. damn happy and excited! but there is another 6 more months lo!

The group will be in Kuching!!
I hope i can come out with a good plan!
"NO snake for steph, and Food for carol"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007





我只是一个人 并不是圣人

或许。。。 根本就没有一个可以了解的人

Monday, December 3, 2007

When will the sun come out again??

It keeps raining.. since the first day i said raining.. i think should be around 5 days already. So, today, the sun came out awhile.. then follow by rainbow.. but then, rain start to pour again not long after i took the pic... As i have mention in the chat box that the this post will be featuring "cha kueh tiaw.. but raining ma, cant go eat cha kueh tiaw.. better find a proper place with roof.. hawker centre has to run to the place under the rain.. =.="'

Then.. i went to Bla bla bla.. to eat dinner.. the dish is very special.. but too bad i cant try all.... so here is the mocha.. with "bla" on top...

Heehee.. i also dun feel like destroying the words.. but i really wanna drink la...

this is the thing i miss most when i am in KL.. Crispy Oyster Pancake!!

I eat almost 80% of this whole piece.. although the other dish - chicken asparagus is damn nice.. oh no! i forgot to take pic of chicken asparagus!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Another rainy day!

okay.. i got my specs today... hehe.. i like the specs box but i still like my old specs.. fine. Today is another rainy day.. wow.. raining since last night.. until this moment i blog. Dunno why la, so many fly came out.. everywhere.. especially the street light... its scary la.. look like they gonna bite you... even i have to off my house's gate light.. I can't stand the fly la.. so smelly.. duh!

Okay, its weird that i still drink cold drinks when it is raining.. but i feel like eating la! wanted to post about tomato mee.. but then, it taste horrible today. so i am not going to talk about it..

Ais kacang again!

"special" - mix fruit

And finally....
the famous "old rex" prawn cracker!!

okay, talk about old rex. It is actually a cinema last time when i am still very very young, 4 or 5 years old. Then, the management sell or other company took over, rebuild the building into the current cineplex in kch - Star Cineplex. Then, there is a hawker selling prawn cracker outside the old rex cinema.. and its very nice la.. then now it is a coffee shop lo.. call "old rex prawn cracker". Actually i feel stupid about the name la.. but maybe it is their way of doing business lo.. wanted to use their famous prawn cracker to attract customer..

2 words to describe the prawn cracker - normal, oily! Sometime, famous thing not necessary taste good~ but not bad la

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Today, i am suppose to go to Perodua to check my car. I overslept as usual. The appointment is 8.30, but i woke up at 1pm.. hehe too late already la.. so i brought my brother out to eat as usual.

Then, my bro's specs kena pijak by my mum.. as usual lo, both of them keep arguing. My mum said she didn't step on it so my bro has to pay for his own specs. Then, my bro said his specs found on the floor near my mum's cupboard.. so it's my mum.. haha i also dunno how la.. let both of them arguing while laughing at each other lo...

Since it around 2pm.. so we can't find place to have lunch, since all the lunch place close already.. so we ate what we can find lo...

the pork satay from carpenter street

the Dry fish ball and tung fun

After that, we wasn't feeling very full.. so we went to eat sth else...

Char kueh from Song Kheng Hai market

"special" err..its mix fruit with evaporated milk and not santan!
(KL - everything is santan!)

yo! ang tau peng or ais kacang.. but its with milk!

I wonder KL ppl dun eat these with milk.. its so nice you know.. everywhere i go, cendol, which is ang tau chan lut, will be with santan.. duh.. promote my cholesterol level.. but i thnk with milk taste nicer!

alright, at the moment, i will post about food..

Monday, November 26, 2007

Josantoes falling in love!

The title sounds serious.. it's 2.00am now.. i have just finished watching Grey's Anatomy Season 4, episode 9. I have never be so addicted to a drama series which i keep watching, not missing any episode, paying full attention and even watch during exams...

I like Grey's anatomy because i think i fall in love with Meredith Grey... not Ellen Pompeo, but the virtual character Meredith Grey...



Finally.. I like Meredith Grey.. but..

I love you more..

Free day!

I didn't realized viva list came out today until gian wan told me on msn.. hehe.. i never worry about viva since semester 1.. because i am quite confident that i wont fail.. Fail has never been on my dictionary or my list of word before.

So i decided to paint the door AGAIN.. haha i am free in kch.. i have nth better to do, and all my blog post revolved around painting my room. .hahahaahaha...

I think my painting skill has improved - spending less time, smooth surface and i like my color combination.. gonna arrange the wire on the floor, and get the wall painting done tomorow..

happy day!~

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sunday morning!

I woke up a bit earlier to finish up the other side of blue door.. hehe.. This painting project is predicted to end next week, meaning before the EOS results out.

My mum was shocked when i told her that i have finished my bathroom door.. She was like, eye wide open and said, " wat? you wake up early today to paint ah? you so hardworking meh?"She thought i was still sleeping when i walk out from my room.

hahaha.. i'm preventing the laziness from coming. Painting is not an easy job la, the paint is damn smelly and my hand damn "sour" wey!

Hmm.. i like it! from far it looks nice la, but if see closer, aduh, rough paint lo.. ^o^

1st weekend gone!

Today is saturday.. Since it's a weekend, so i just paint 1 side of the door..

This is my bathroom/toilet.. it is light yellow originally.. match with my previous wall color - light orange. Oh ya, i should clarify.. hehe.. i don't like pink la.. i paint my wall dark pink because i thought it would match my original wall color so that i don't have to paint 4 walls ma.. haha

josantoes will never look nice in pink, and josantoes will never like pink.. but i thought it would be nice with 2 side of the wall dark pink and 2 side remain light orange.. and i won't have to paint all the 4 side.. very hard la.. have to take away the bed and the table.. some more have to clean and put them all back after painting..

now since i have paint my bathroom door, i have to bath with door open.. hehe, but i lock my room door instead so that no one would bump in when i am enjoying bathing!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Holiday.. sometimes is a very annoying period.. i got nothing to do actually..

hmm.. so i decided to paint my wall.. and now this is the results.. there is another wall and the doors... well, stay tune! oh ya.. and the untidy table..

see the monitor? that's so long ago.. i buy it when i am stil in high school.. now still functioning, that's why my mum refuse to buy the flat screen... and it destroys the view.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Afterall.. i'm back..

After spending a few days in KL with my family, finally i came back... well, feel home right now.. so i gotta get myself busy before the laziness strikes me... first thing i do when i reach kch is i get my car tinted...
it is not what i expect.. i think its too dark.. and i don't quite like it. i prefer the little kshih in kl (BJH 6297)..

It doesn't look like it is tinted but it is.. i just want to reflect the uv and not attracting the police..
but then, my mum is okay with it and my brother is happy.. =)

Well, i gotta report on the genting trip.. it's amazing.. i won RM65 in Casino de genting.. and we did a surprise birthday celebration with steph, ping wei and meeishya..

Genting highland, as usual, we took train and bus up...

We are too noisy in the bus until one malay aunty say "aiyo.. macam pasar la. .Bising!"

well, we take a lot of picture and i only sort out a few to post.. hehe.. as usual, we did a lot of talking even plan for the next activity...

As usual, the poser at the check in counter..

We had dinner at coffee terrace.. i should say it worth the price of RM48.60, as they have a lot of variety and i don't feel like the food is mass production.

and here comes the birthday girls...

hehe, we spend time together at night making cards.. spend time in midvalley choosing present, and even spend time in carrefour buying the decorative item and party pack without letting the birthday girls know.. and it's like playing hide and seek...

a group photo.. hehe in the room....

most importantly, see you in December... i miss you.

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